The Cartoonist

Like most artists, Amy D has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon. But her artistic abilities don't just stop there. Amy does just about anything else creative from fixing cars, to sewing clothes, to building a giant wall in the backyard for dagger throwing practice. (They don't call her "Aim" for nothing) She even has her own jewelry line.

Bug Boy was thought up one evening when she was about 6 and her mother asked her to draw a picture while she was cooking dinner. (And this time, use a piece of paper, NOT the wall.) Clearly 3 letter words were about the extent of her spelling ability back then, though she had absolutely no problem with the word "television".

Amy D was never really good at speaking in the 3rd person, so forgive her if I've flipped back and forth.

A black and white photo of Amy D. She's no Mona Lisa, but she does have an interesting smirk on her face. I wonder what she's thinking?