Meet the main characters of Bug Boy - Adventures of a SuperB Hero on His Day Off

Bug Boy has human shaped arms and legs. He has a round nose, his right eye is bigger than his left, and of course has big antenna on top of his head. Bug Boy's body is green and his face & the insert of his body are a light teal.  - Here he is pictured laying in a hammock in his back yard with his teddy bear Milton.

Bug Boy

The namesake of the comic strip, this SuperB Hero isn't afraid of hard work. But since it's his day off, he's usually trying to make the most of his down time. Whether that be relaxing in the back yard or visiting the real world, even on his day off he's always up for an adventure.

Seymour is actually a rhinoceros beetle larva, sort of plump grub/worm type thing with a large head and mandables. He wears large square glasses. He has 6 little arms towards the top of his body. His head and arms are dark brown and his body is a light brown. - Here is is slicing into a piece of pie with a fork while holding a bottle of SAP.


Bug Boy's Best Friend and s̶i̶d̶e̶k̶i̶c̶k̶ fellow hero. If he's not helping Bug Boy, eating or watching TV.....I'm not sure he does anything else? But this rhinoceros beetle larva is always willing to try new things. Just as long as he can stop for food on the way.

Will is a horsehead grasshopper. They have huge eyes, short antenna and a long stringy body with a brownish green color. Here they are in a photograph with Bug Boy & Seymour standing in front of Jackson Square.


While most people would consider Will to be a supporting character, that doesn't bother them one bit because it still means they get to be along for the adventure. Will is always happy to grab things from the top shelf but often wonders why such short bugs put things up there in the first place.

The Cartoonist is often heard but rearly seen. - Here you can see part of her hand outlining a rough sketch of Bug Boy's head.

The Cartoonist

Like most cartoonists, she writes & illustrates the comic strips (MOST of the time). But since she spends more of her time talking to her characters than she does to other humans, you can occasionally find her in her own strips. More info on her can be found HERE.

The Narrator words are shown in light yellow text boxes. Here they are shown saying "Sorry, I'm only a bodiless voice."


The narrator is here to let you know what's going on, be it informing the reader of the time or place, or just explaining an obvious situation. Sometimes though, they have to stick their own opinion into the situation.