The Origin Story of Bug Boy

Bug Boy laying on a beach towel

Bug Boy comes very from humble beginning: just your average sheet of copy paper. But growing up in the Bug Burrow, he always had dreams of making it big. (And by big, I mean just being able to live above ground)

Back in those days, there weren't that many outlets for a young teen cartoonist to present her creations. (No matter how amazing he was) But since she lived just down the street from a copy center, the Cartoonist decided to make Bug Boy his very own monthly comic books that she would then pass out to family & friends.

Unfortunately, after just 2 pitiful issues, Bug Boy's Cartoonist had to make some other much more boring things the priorities in her life and Bug Boy became trapped in a storage box for almost 20 years. (But as Bug Boy has said, "at least it was archival'')

Then, one day, just a couple years ago, the Cartoonist finally saw the light, and Bug Boy finally saw a light himself: the light of day. The Cartoonist decided to give her SuperB Hero another chance, and this time a proper one. Bug Boy was about to get his own online weekly strip! But first he'd need a few things, like a slight makeover, a new home, (the Bug Bungalow) and some new formatting. The Cartoonist even went so far as to get Bug Boy a valid trademark, too. (Yeah, those things are no joke)

Finally, on November 26th, 2022, Bug Boy's first weekly strip,
Bug Boy-Adventures of a SuperB Hero on His Day Off was released for the whole world to see. (We're just waiting for whole world to finally look)